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I am surprised to see Dart wasn't on this list I leased on to them and was very happy. They moved to a dedicated account and that when I ran into trouble, I was given dispatches that I could not meet delivery times without run over the 11 hour rule, if you turned it down you sat 1 or 2 days, if turned several loads you sat for 3 days or they dead-headed you some place then claimed they did not send you.

Even with the message sitting on the QC.

I was pulled into safety several times and threaten to have my lease pulled.

Operations doesn't want to hear from you except that you arrived on time, if you complain they find safety issues with you. Lease to dart if you like lots of headache

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Riverview, Michigan, United States #956990

Dart is a waste of time and a mistake...

Empty promises and short on pay....

I now drive for a outfit with only 16 trucks and make three times the money with -500,000% headache

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